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Important Notice:

February 15, 2016


We here at the Estate of William Tolliver hope that your 2016 is off to a great start! The Estate has a lot of exciting plans for the year and look forward to continuing the legacy of art by William Tolliver.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: Only email addresses including are authorized to send out email correspondence on the behalf of the Estate of William Tolliver. (t is the only exception and is also an authorized email address.)


Any art show announcements, new art releases, art sales or other Estate business will be announced through the email address If you receive any emails that do not include the aforementioned domain address, that individual has not been authorized by the Estate to conduct business. You may report that email by forwarding it to

If you are an art gallery or art dealer and would like to place pieces on consignment, schedule an art show or discuss other artistic ventures involving artwork by William Tolliver, these deals must be signed off on and authorized by the Estate's executor, DeAnna Tolliver. No other individual is authorized to sign off on art shows, consignments, or any other deals on the behalf of the Estate of William Tolliver.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please feel free to contact us.

Have a wonderful and prosperous 2016!

Artfully Yours,

DeAnna Tolliver

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