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William Tolliver devoted much of his artistic expression to capturing the true essence  & femininity exemplified by African-American women. Radiated from within, with every brushstroke, Tolliver told the story of strong, regal, and poised Nubian Queens, Radiant Ladies, and Natural Beauties.


Tolliver Collectors, the world over, have welcomed a lifetime of vibrancy, joy, pride, and true appreciation for the grace of "Tolliver Women," into their homes. Whether you are buying your first Tolliver, adding to a budding Tolliver Collection or looking to place another piece onto the walls of your very own, private Tolliver Gallery, a Tolliver Woman will always be the perfect addition to your home.

Tolliver Women.

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The Sketchpad.

For many artists, the sketchpad is where burgeoning ideas first take shape. Before moving on to the next steps, of creating their next great masterpiece, the sketchpad allows the artist to draw out their moves before even one dip of a brush into a dollop of paint. While Tolliver, himself, once joked about trying to draw directly onto the canvas, with his paintbrush, over time, as he perfected his craft, his Sketchpad became like a journal of artistic expressions. Doodles and scribbles blossomed into oil paintings, pastels on paper, watercolors and beyond.


The sketches in this series represent the beginning stages of just a small sample of the countless paintings Tolliver created during his lifetime. The Sketchpad Series is simply a must have for all avid Tolliver Collectors.

No one captures jazz inspired Blues Scenes and Music in Motion quite the way that William Tolliver did. Avid collectors know, firsthand, the importance that Jazz & Blues played in Tolliver's life.

Music in Motion.


Like most creatives, Tolliver drew much of his inspiration directly from the life that he lived. As depicted in paintings like "Pickin' Cotton," Tolliver spent time, as a child, in the cottonfields of Mississippi. There, as a waterboy, he helped to quench the thirst of fieldworkers as they labored through endless days of  sweltering summer heat.  It was the objective of this artist to portray these experiences with the dignity and consideration that Black History Demands.

It is that lively form of musical expression that inspired Tolliver to go on to create Tolliver Classics such as "Transcendent of the Blues," "Big Band," "Jug Band," and "Pas de Deux."

Giclee With the advent of the Giclee the art of fine printing has become even more precise. Because no screens are used, these prints have a higher apparent resolution than lithographs. The dynamic color range is like serigraph. In the Giclee process a fine steam of ink-more than four million droplets per second is sprayed onto archival art paper or canvas. The effect is similar to an air brush technique but much finer. Each piece is carefully hand mounted onto a drum which rotates during printing. Exact calculation of hue, value and density direct the ink of four nozzles. This produces a combination of 512 chromatic changes (with over 3 million colors possible) of highly saturated, nontoxic water-based ink. The artist's color approval and input are essential for creating the final custom setting for the edition.

The latest advancements in the Giclee process are the work of a sophisticated fine art production facility that utilizes the highest resolution digital printers. This edition of fine art prints is a collaboration between the artist and a specially trained printing craftsmen. They have extended the boundaries of current technology by customizing their equipment, designing new programs, and offering protective coatings to ensure quality standards for the collector.

Displaying a full color spectrum, Giclee prints capture every nuance of an original painting - be it watercolor, oil or acrylic.

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